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Post  GreenLikeMe on 2008-06-02, 20:32

Make the decision to do something and then
tell everyone you know.
At the end of the day, we are all responsible for preserving our planet so that our children and their children can enjoy it for years to come.

Send this email to your friends TODAY. By sharing this information, you will be making an active effort to:

Eliminate 10 Million Pounds of Waste
Eliminate 11,250 Tons of Greenhouse Gases
Save 1.14 Million Gallons of Gas
Make a difference equivalent to planting 1 Million Trees
Take the opportunity to be part of it and make the environmentally conscious decision to preserve the world that we are all lucky enough to share.

Visit and enter your password which is ZR02226 and learn how you can participate in the fight against global warming.
Ask yourself…

What was the last thing YOU
did to help preserve the planet?

Here’s your chance to make a difference.

By watching the presentation, you will also have the chance to win over $200 worth of Shaklee products, which will give you everything you need to create a healthier and safer home today.

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