Right movements to prevent back pain

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Right movements to prevent back pain

Post  Marke on 2011-09-30, 16:16

Back pain is a very common disease, and there may be at least one person, who is affected by the ailment in every family. But the prevalence of the disease does not reduce its severity. The pain is so severe that a person, who once experienced the pain and stiffness on the back, will never dare to consider it trivial.

There are many reasons attributed to the pain. It may be because of wrong postures, poor lifestyle habits or due to some injuries or problems with the spinal cord. There are various medical treatments for curing the disease which include the intake of painkillers, oil therapy, water therapy and the like. Oil massages, kati vasti and various other therapies have been employed in back pain ayurvedic treatment .

Recent studies from a university in Sweden revealed that our movement patterns can curb the back pain to an extent. An integrated way of movement is suggested by the researchers and such a motion will help alleviate the pain.

It is noted that the back pain-affected tend to limit their movement and sometimes they are so conscious in their movements that they control the flexibility of the muscles fearing the pain. If a patient suffers from back pain for a long time, he/she may unconsciously limit their muscle movements even after the complete cure of the disease. The patients have to analyse their movement patterns and identify the wrong habits with the help of a medical practitioner and then they have to correct it in order to keep the back pain permanently away.


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