Beware of these symptoms

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Beware of these symptoms

Post  erfa on 2011-03-01, 11:13

Aging brings with it a lot of problems and one among them is spondylitis. The name of the disease is derived from the Greek work 'Spondylo', which means vertebra. The ailment is mainly caused by the changes in the joints of the vertebral column. As we grow old, the discs on the vertebra undergo wear and tear and it in turn affects the bones of the vertebral column.
There are different kinds of spondylitis and one among them is cervical spondylitis which affects the discs in the cervical column, near the neck. The first and foremost symptom of the disease is the pain in the neck. If you try to move the neck, the pain becomes all the more piercing. Most often, the patients feel neck numbness, whenever they get out of bed after a nightís sleep. Frequent headaches and the neck pain that slowly spreads to the arm are the other symptoms of the disease.
If you are suffering from these symptoms, donít hesitate to consult a doctor without delay because this may lead to very serious health disorders. Doctors say that aging, wrong sitting postures and activities which lead to neck strain are the main causes of the disease, but lately it is seen that the disease affects not only the aged, but those below 50 years too.
There are various treatments for the disease, and spondylitis ayurvedic treatment seems to be very helpful in reducing the pain and improving the flexibility of the neck.


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